Motherlode E: Soon to be GBG (Gone, Baby, Gone)

Attention: If you want 3-bedrooms, less than 2 blocks to Town Lift, designated parking and ready for a remodel we have a short window for you to move on this Motherlode condo.

This is not my listing, but is listed by a colleague at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty. These photos aren’t mine either, but are from our rockstar photographers. 

It has private access from the garage, and two-car designated underground parking. Right at 6th St. and Park Ave, next to the Crescent Tram trail. It’s literally this unit with the stained glass windows:

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Parking in Park City

So this weekend is one of the many summer activities that shut down Main Street in our mountain ski town of Park City, Utah. The Independence Day parade, the Tour of Utah bike race, the Arts Festival, the weekly Park Silly Market. It’s a good time for a refresher course on how to park in Park City but full disclosure: you’re better to just Uber/taxi/bus in for the 4th. TRUST ME.

The Park City transit system is free. F R E E. Hop on, hop off, take 10 times a day, whatever. Free. (Big selling point for property by the way, “on the bus route” is more attractive than not.) You can just send your kids/spouse/friends/self out the door and off to whatever adventure you like. Case in point: this creeper shot I took of three youth fishing enthusiasts about to get on the bus. ACTUAL fishing poles, you guys, like how great is that. Do not tell me this isn’t Mayberry because I cannot be convinced.

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Park City Historic Home Tour This Saturday

This Saturday marks the annual Historic Home Tour here in Park City. As a Realtor I have unfettered access to pretty much any house on the market. But the historic home tour is fantastic in that I get access to historic homes that are not for sale. Every year the Park City Museum arranges a selection of homes in a few block section of the Old Town historic district.


This year is the lower Woodside Ave and lower Park Ave tour. You purchase a ticket (early on the website or at the event), they give you a sticker to identify yourself with and a pamphlet of all the houses on the tour with their histories and old photos. The pamphlet by itself is worth the $20 (or $15 if you’re a museum member). Then you simply walk from house to house, spend as much time as you like ogling the doorknobs, perusing the historic documents and artifacts owners typically have displayed. A panel of people passionate about preservation.

(Alliteration for the win.)
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323 Park Ave: A Love Story

Hello, My name is Kristina and I have a thing for historic buildings. Particularly historic buildings in the Wild West. So lucky for me, I sell real estate in an old silver town turned ski resort. Two years ago I toured 323 Park Ave, A CONVERTED SWEDISH LUTHERAN CHURCH OMG. And, it’s now for sale. If it lasts that long, it’ll be on Open House tour Wednesday, December 9, 2015, and you’d be crazy to miss it. So get ready. Imma lay down some sick history beats.

323ParkAveI saw this house during the Park City Museum’s Historic Home Tour. If you’re ever in Park City in June you have to attend this event.

It’s just a few doors up from where I was living in Old Town and true to rumor, is a converted church and on the national historic registry and obviously the Historic Sites Inventory with Park City. An English-born butcher John William Bircumshaw (who also owned a saloon at 455 Main) deeded the land to St. John’s Swedish Lutheran Church in 1906. In 1907 the structure was built at a cost of $2,197 to serve the 31 local Lutherans (9 Swedes and 22 Finns, for those keeping score at home).

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