Quick Location Video: Snow Blaze Condos

My Quick Location Video series addresses what I see to be a pretty common theme in real estate, rental, and tourism: the writer just assumes you know what the names are for all the areas and that you know what those names mean. I’m guilty of falling into that trap myself, so here is my attempt to absolve myself. These 1-2 minute videos will just give you a quick rundown of what you can find in the area and what some of the key features are.

Part of my Quick Location Video series, where I do a quick rundown of the different areas of Park City, Utah. Today’s location focuses on Snow Blaze condos in Old Town, in the 14th block of Woodside and Empire Ave. Now this isn’t everything for sale in the complex, and none of the units sold are my listings, but hmu for more information on what is available.

The properties shown in this video are listed by Jess Reid Real Estate; the first condo for the moment can be found here.

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