Happening upon Hidden Hollow

I got trapped in a cliche this weekend. Imagine, stumbling on a little hidden wooded oasis in the middle of a vibrant gentrified social center. Even the name is earnestly unironic: Hidden Hollow. IT’S TOTALLY HIDDEN IT’S A HIDDEN HOLLOW


HiddenHollow-5 This little slice of heaven is next to the Petco/Bed Bath and Beyond/Whole Foods complex and surrounds the river. Huge trees! Bridges! Ducks! Many woodland species and associated informative plaques. HiddenHollow-3

Look, I come to this complex weekly. At least. I drive past it daily. I had no idea this was here. I mean honestly, be less obtuse Kristina. Just because there’s the gigantic Sugarhouse Park across 13th East from this spot why wouldn’t there also be a little slice of wooded heaven right here in between all these businesses.
HiddenHollow-1 Look at this historical plaque! You know I love this stuff. Did you know “Sugar House” was known as the Furniture Capitol of the West? NEITHER DID I AND I AM BIG ON BOTH FURNITURE AND THE WEST. HiddenHollow-2

Like, there are two restaurants in this little cluster of walkable hipness OF COURSE THERE ARE. Just downstairs from fabulous new construction condos and just to the left of thriving commercial and office space. Surely there’s parking for them someplace and some sort of street frontage, there has to be. Right? That I’ve driven past twice a day and just not noticed? Right?


The moral of this story? There is literally cool stuff around every corner if you can just be bothered to slow down and look around. Also I need me some Vietnamese food.

2 Replies to “Happening upon Hidden Hollow”

  1. I love this place. I used to take Bear on walks there when we were in Sugar House. You do know Sugar House Park was the home to the State Prison before it moved to Bluffdale.

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