Goldener Hirsch Residences, pt V

“Worth the Wait”

The developers of Goldener Hirsch Hotel are being very careful with their research, scrutinizing all the details, and making very deliberate choices. And can you blame them? Building a new phase of such a storied brand on the last development parcel in Silver Lake is a very high-pressure endeavor. The overall theme here is that this project will be worth the wait.

As such, some of the sales processes are running behind schedule. Though there is a sales office in the lobby of Goldener Hirsch, there is no mockup display because they’re still working on exactly how the exterior will look (let me know when you’re coming to town and I’ll schedule a private tour). But the construction process–the most critical part of all this–is right on schedule, and the footprint of the buildings will not be changing, so when spring comes and the ground thaws physical work will continue as planned.

The rooftop pool and hot tub have been swapped from the original concept so the hot tub is now on the south side and the pool on the north side because that will allow for the best mountain views possible from that highest-floor condo. And if you were here this fall and saw heavy equipment working on the lots, it was because at some point in the last 30 years a sewer line had been run straight from Royal Street through one of the parcels and had to be moved.

The reservation process is still being worked out as well, and possibly won’t begin officially until spring or early summer. We’re guessing the deposit amount will be significant, probably $100,000. And the competition will be fierce for the top floor units with mountain views; rumor is there are as many as 80 interested parties so far. Pricing is not finalized yet, but I am expecting prices per square foot to match the Stein Eriksen Residences resales, which right now is between $1,275 and $1,538 per square foot.

If you are interested in this project, let me know right away. Where we don’t know exactly what the reservation process will entail, I want to make certain you have every opportunity possible to own in this exclusive development. As always, it’s in the details, relationships matter, and luck favors the prepared. 

The marketing is also a fluid concept; this link below will always bring you to the most recent version of the sales brochure. Right now the most recent update is from 1/8/17.

I’ll let you know as new information develops!

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