Wasatch Springs: New townhomes starting in the $450s

Exciting new project coming online just outside of town. One of the things we’ve been struggling with is a shortage of properties under $700k. These thirty townhouses start in the $450,000s, built by Holmes Homes, and are being pitched as filling the gap in the market. 3-4 bedrooms, 2-car garages, nice floorplans, all the upgrades are built into the price so all you choose is your color scheme. One of the floorplans does have an optional finished or unfinished basement, which is a nice touch. The development team also mentioned they are focusing on keeping the HOA dues low (around $200 a month), which reflects a concern many of us have about how much those dues actually add to the monthly cost of ownership. These are in the same area as the Retreat at Jordanelle, Park’s Edge, and the Stock Building Supply facility.

As of right now, 5 of the 10 units in this phase are reserved. It only takes $1,000 to reserve a unit, so if you’re interested, let’s pick a unit and get a reservation in LIKE RIGHT NOW.

When you get to the site plan, B1 and D3 were reserved this morning.

Here is the official brochure:

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