Goldener Hirsch Residences, pt VI

As the 2016-2017 ski season comes to a close (although we had a good storm last night, Snowbird is reporting 17″), we should be seeing more updates, more news, and more changes at the site of the new Goldener Hirsch Residences.GH_4_3

The site is fenced off and there is heavy equipment moving snow; digging should start any day now.gh_4_2017_2

Even more exciting is that the development team estimates that they are about 30 days out on prices, and looking at probably early June to begin the reservation process.gh_4_2017_1

They have also brought on Todd-Avery Lenahan as the designer for the project.gh_4_2017_4

Palettes look interesting so far; they’re trying to offer a fresh design but still keep with the European feel of the original Goldener Hirsch.gh_4_2017_5

If you are interested in this project, let me know right away. Where we don’t know exactly what the reservation process will entail, I want to make certain you have every opportunity possible to own in this exclusive development. As always, it’s in the details, relationships matter, and luck favors the prepared.

The marketing is also a fluid concept; this link below will always bring you to the most recent version of the sales brochure.

I’ll let you know as new information develops!

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