Vaguely Borgish: my LG Bluetooth Headset

I am a real estate agent which means I take 7,000 phone calls a day. Scrolling through my Recents is enough to give my thumb a cramp. I also drive, walk, type and text every minute I’m awake, I can’t spend my life with one hand holding my phone on my ear. My elbow would rot and fall off. I also CANNOT suffer having a earpiece sitting in my ear. It’s been a personal problem since they came out and I know people love them and if you have one and love it then terrific. Every time I’ve worn one the urge to punch myself in the face is overwhelming.

A colleague introduced me to the ways of the neck headset (neckset?) and forever I am chang-ed. (Christine’s is different, the earpieces pull out of the ends, it’s more rigid, and it’s a very pretty color.) It’s like casual Borg meets the Secret Service. I tuck the whole thing into my collar and the wires stick up a little but who cares? It’s comfortable and bluetooth and NOT ON MY FREAKING EAR. The LG TonePro Bluetooth headset.

The earpieces magnet into the ends of the headset. The speakers are somewhere in those pointy bits too. It’s been months and I still haven’t bothered to figure the buttons out. Forward is on, backwards is off I think, there’s a volume and a next/previous. Word of warning: if you push the answer/hang up button in some sequence you will either answer/hang up, summon Siri, or call the last person you talked to. Which is only a minor inconvenience in most cases, “Whoops, hi sorry, didn’t mean to call you back.”

However. If you ended your call in a less than savory manner, and then yanked the earpiece from your ear and started complaining about how that person smelled, rest assured, they can hear you with crystal clarity and you aren’t yet aware of the war you’ve just started.


I also use it when I’m working in the yard or going to the gym. The yard is because weedwackers are loud and angry. The gym is because the gym is one of the places I wouldn’t be sad to see fall into a giant sinkhole, so I use it there to listen to ebooks. And I only listen to fun, descriptive books that I know I will love. If I had to listen to a businessy book club book I may as well eat a bowl of glass shards. So the last one I downloaded was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, narrated by Stephen Fry (who narrated the movie).

I’m seeing them more and more often now, particularly on service technicians and construction workers, which makes perfect sense. Keep your phone on your person someplace safe while you’re working, but you can still answer calls or use Siri by just touching the headset which is safely around your neck. Plus they hold a charge for quite a while; I just plug mine in at night with all my other devices and it’s ready to go in the morning.

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The Tzumi Pocket Juice USB Charger

Okay, I know. It’s not a great name. Or it’s a brilliant name if you’re prone to making jokes in terrible taste. And I am. POCKET JUICE I MEAN REALLY. But 12-year old humor aside, this is the Tzumi Pocket Juice Charger, and this stupid little thing has saved my bacon so many times that I plug it in at night to charge just like my iPhone. And my headset. And camera battery. Anyways. It’s basically a portable battery pack that charges anything you can connect to with a USB cord.

There are a lot of versions of this little thing but mine is black and has a 4000 mAh output. I have no idea what that means. But I do know that I probably make north of a thousand calls, emails, texts, photos, social media, Kindle and Audible activities in any given day. So even though I start with it fully charged and it lives on a charger whenever I’m at a desk or in my car, I will inevitably run out of battery life just as I roll into Costco and really need to listen to music on my headset so I can drown out the screaming. (Mostly mine.) Or when I have a brilliant thing to say on video. Or have found a brilliant view that should be posted. Or if my out-of-town clients want to FaceTime through a property with me. “Low Battery” is my nemesis.

No more.


Yes I know it’s an iPhone 5, deal with it

This unfortunately-named device does the trick. I bought it before I had to do two 1-hour long FaceTime walk-throughs back-to-back. You can’t very well walk through a home while tethered to an outlet. So I literally opened this package, plugged it in, and 2 hours later was able to use it. It works like a supercharged wall charger; for my use that day I had it plugged into my phone so it was charging while I FaceTimed, charger in my pocket and my lightning cable hanging out connecting the two. It wasn’t the most graceful thing but it got the job done well, I was able to take care of my clients without any further delays or unprofessional technical difficulties.

It charges my devices faster than plugging it into the wall. (I have no scientific proof of this.) I use it on Open House Tour days, when we’re all bargaining for the one car charger which you can really only use for a few blocks until you get to the next open house and have to unplug it. But with this little devil, I can just carry it with me if times get lean. How about if I’m cooking dinner and need to be looking at a recipe or taking a call or running Pandora? I can throw the charger in my pocket and keep on keepin’ on. Truly, when I get the Low Battery notification anymore at home I just plug it into my charger, not my wall outlet. Also? I live in a 1955 house. Bless their hearts but in the 50s they couldn’t even fathom needing more than two outlets per room, so unless I want to lay on the ground underneath a precious outlet to finish a call, this solution is magical. Imagine airports! Conferences! The possibilities are endless.


Scratches! Not dog hair. This time.

There are a lot of versions Tzumi makes: mine is black and has the battery indicator in green on the front, and was $20. Four lights is fully-charged. Blinking is charging. Hold the power button for some amount of time and it turns a bright light on, which is helpful but curious, as iPhones have all but eliminated the need for pocket LED flashlights. But I’ll take it. The silver bits on the end do scratch very easily though. The photo above could just as easily be showing you dog hairs but for once, it isn’t. Mine came with a USB to mini-USB for charging, and I had to supply my own lightning cable to connect my iPhone and charger. But who cares? Bacon: saved.

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Magical, Magical Sugru

The only thing more fragile than an ego is a lightning cable. They must tolerate all manner of pushing and twisting and crimping so that we can use our iPhones every second we’re awake. And I don’t know about you, but mine seems to be made from tissue paper. (The cable.)

Which I why I love Sugru. It’s a self-setting rubber that you just roll between your fingers like Silly Putty and let it dry overnight.

Their website boasts all sorts of magical and useful tricks, like making rubber feet, comfort handles for your faucet, pulls for your zippers, repairs on your dishwasher. You can open up a few packets and wrap it around a ski pole, then grasp it firmly and TA DAH! A custom ski pole handle. Honestly, the only thing I’ve used it for is fixing those damn iPhone charger cables. Firstly because if it fixes that and only that then it’s a winner in my book. Secondly because I put the remaining multipack someplace so special and secret that it has apparently left the mortal realm.

But back to what it can do for your idiot phone charger. When my cable insulation started to split we pulled open a little packet of magic stuff, rolled it into shape and mooshed it on.

sugru-1 You should know the red will turn your hands red, the blue will turn your hands blue. It’s fine, it washes off. And it’s a lot more difficult to get a smooth, beautiful application than it looks. I don’t know what they used in their videos to make it so nice-looking but I’m sure it’s the same reason your gourmet hamburgers don’t look as good on instagram as Bon Appetit’s do. (A staff.)

We applied our Sugru patch almost a year ago and what would have been another trashed lightning cable became good as new. So when a new split started to emerge below the Sugru patch, I was disappointed but mostly grateful that I’d bought myself so many more months out of the cord. And I’m sure I can just apply another patch below the first one and it’ll work just fine.


Now if I could just find the rest of the multipack I’d be in business again.

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Tips to Help Your #Hustle: Using a K-Cup in a MiniBru

Finished desk-brewed green tea Kuerig hack with a MiniBru

As part of my continuing series, “Tips to Help Your #Hustle,” here is another quick tip on ways to dominate in your working life. The sooner you conquer your career the sooner you can be free to start living the life you’ve worked so hard for. For me, that life happens up high in the mountains of Park City, Utah.

Most offices are moving towards a Kuerig machine versus the traditional coffee pot or kettle and boxes of tea bags. Easier for clients, easier for staff, everybody gets a version of what they prefer. It’s an amazing machine. But let’s say you don’t do the K-cup ordering. Or let’s say like me, you grind your own beans, use a French press most mornings, made the move to a Chemex, or–heaven forbid–want some caffeine but are just not in the mood for coffee come 4 PM. I wouldn’t say I’m a coffee snob, but I can’t deal with how over-roasted just about everything is right now. I’m also not terribly patient, so when I decide I need a hot beverage, I don’t want to just hang out for 5 minutes waiting for it to cool down. The last thing I want to do roll into the office and stick my face in a cup of scorched green tea or over-roasted coffee that somebody else chose AND have to wait for it to cool. And since I hate to take the time to grab a to-go latte with so much whipped cream that it cools down immediately, having a solution to hack your Kuerig supply in a pinch is a great way to get your go juice and not stop your hustle.

For Christmas, I received the MiniBru Coffee Press Mug from I’m a fan.

Finished desk-brewed green tea Kuerig hack with a MiniBru

First? Punch open that K-cup like it insulted your momma.

Kuerig green tea hack with a MiniBru

Next, heat the water. Entertain yourself while you wait.

Stay entertained.

Combine the leaves and hot water. Stir. Completely ignore the instructions on the mug.

Hacking a K-cup with a MiniBru

After your desired amount of brewing time–two minutes in this case for green tea–PLUNGE.

Is it perfect? No. But what’s a little fiber amongst friends?

Tea leaves in a MiniBru

However, after checking the leaves-in-my-teeth factor with the reverse cam on my iPhone 27 totally non-obsessive times while I was drinking it, I can assure you it’s not a big deal. Are you better off with loose-leaf tea or coarse-ground coffee? Sure. But for a quick desk hack to get a nice green tea or office coffee that’s not too hot, easy to drink, and with all the charm of doing it yourself and sparing the hassle of leaving your business to get your afternoon bump on?

It does the trick.

Gorgeous La Cornue stove in a Park City ski condo

I saw the most beautiful range on open house tour today! It’s so Julia Child. This La Cornue stove is in a ski-in/ski-out condo at Silver Strike Lodge. Heather Humphrey of Alder & Tweed partnered with the listing agent for this open house, so luckily she was on hand to give me a rundown on this gorgeous thing.

Silver Strike Lodge is in the Empire Pass area of Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City, Utah. The whole listing (while it lasts) can be found here: Silver Strike Lodge #708