Tips to Help Your #Hustle: Using a K-Cup in a MiniBru

As part of my continuing series, “Tips to Help Your #Hustle,” here is another quick tip on ways to dominate in your working life. The sooner you conquer your career the sooner you can be free to start living the life you’ve worked so hard for. For me, that life happens up high in the mountains of Park City, Utah.

Most offices are moving towards a Kuerig machine versus the traditional coffee pot or kettle and boxes of tea bags. Easier for clients, easier for staff, everybody gets a version of what they prefer. It’s an amazing machine. But let’s say you don’t do the K-cup ordering. Or let’s say like me, you grind your own beans, use a French press most mornings, made the move to a Chemex, or–heaven forbid–want some caffeine but are just not in the mood for coffee come 4 PM. I wouldn’t say I’m a coffee snob, but I can’t deal with how over-roasted just about everything is right now. I’m also not terribly patient, so when I decide I need a hot beverage, I don’t want to just hang out for 5 minutes waiting for it to cool down. The last thing I want to do roll into the office and stick my face in a cup of scorched green tea or over-roasted coffee that somebody else chose AND have to wait for it to cool. And since I hate to take the time to grab a to-go latte with so much whipped cream that it cools down immediately, having a solution to hack your Kuerig supply in a pinch is a great way to get your go juice and not stop your hustle.

For Christmas, I received the MiniBru Coffee Press Mug from I’m a fan.

Finished desk-brewed green tea Kuerig hack with a MiniBru

First? Punch open that K-cup like it insulted your momma.

Kuerig green tea hack with a MiniBru

Next, heat the water. Entertain yourself while you wait.

Stay entertained.

Combine the leaves and hot water. Stir. Completely ignore the instructions on the mug.

Hacking a K-cup with a MiniBru

After your desired amount of brewing time–two minutes in this case for green tea–PLUNGE.

Is it perfect? No. But what’s a little fiber amongst friends?

Tea leaves in a MiniBru

However, after checking the leaves-in-my-teeth factor with the reverse cam on my iPhone 27 totally non-obsessive times while I was drinking it, I can assure you it’s not a big deal. Are you better off with loose-leaf tea or coarse-ground coffee? Sure. But for a quick desk hack to get a nice green tea or office coffee that’s not too hot, easy to drink, and with all the charm of doing it yourself and sparing the hassle of leaving your business to get your afternoon bump on?

It does the trick.

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