5 Things to Know about e-Bikes in Park City

I finally experienced the Summit Bike Share program, which has sat literally across the street from my office for months. The key here is that they’re not just bikes. They’re e-bikes. Bicycles with electric pedal assist (“Pedelec”). What this means is that when you’re moving up hills or across tougher terrain, the bike itself kicks in and moves you along. You still have to pedal, but it’s not really any work at all. Which opens up a world of opportunity for those of us with good intentions but more taco chips than gym reps.

TIYA- SBS - IMG-0346

1. Fancy gear not needed. It’s fine! They’re made for people in shorts or suits or jeans or the full spandex bike outfit. Look at me, jeans and loafers and a blazer.

2. They are heavy. So don’t leave the coverage zone because the Pedelec assist ends and you have to pedal this heavy bike back in all on your own strength.

3. Helmets are good. Ok, so when you take off on a bike, you do so by having one foot on the ground, the other on a pedal, and you step that foot down while lifting your other foot and you move forward and start pedaling, right? On an e-bike, that initial motion forward is assisted and IT IS FAST HOLY COW. I stumbled off and lowered the seat because I realized I was probably going to fall off the damn thing and I wanted to be that much closer to the ground when I did.

4. Texting is bad. I KNOW. But the last time I was on a bike phones were not this big and I realized mine was probably falling out of my back pocket and so I pulled it out and when I did I saw that somebody who was going to meet up with us might still be coming so I was sending a quick response as I rapidly approached a stopped car at a stop sign. Realizing I was holding the phone in the hand that operates the brake handle I ruminated briefly on my life decisions before ditching the phone as close to the basket as I could and skidded to a halt. Pro-tip: glass screen protectors are the best.

TIYA- SBS - IMG-0491

5. App required. The app is easy to use (Summit Bike Share), and very interactive, it shows you all the places you can pick up or drop off a bike. I had no idea there were so many locations.



It also tracks exactly where you went and, how long you were riding and how far you went. It also calculates the number of calories you burned, but if I really burned 200 calories tooling around effortlessly on an electric bike with my scarf blowing in the breeze then this is the best weight-loss solution I’ve ever seen.

TIYA- SBS - IMG-0368

Moral of the story? SUPER FUN BUT KIND OF SCARY BUT MOSTLY FUN. Everybody should try it, and it’s a brilliant example of Park City’s commitment to greener initiatives and getting people outside. In fact, the next time you want to look at property and it’s a beautiful day in the mountains, don’t be surprised if I hand you a helmet and bottle of sunscreen.

Let’s ride.

The Old Dutch Store in Sugarhouse

Sometimes it takes driving past a store a hundred times to wonder what they do in there. Sometimes it takes a sign saying “fresh stroopwafels.” And sometimes it takes a big-ass windmill on the roof.


This little gem is on Highland Drive and just north of 27th S (that’s 2700 S, come at me anti-grid bros). And on Wednesdays, they make fresh stroopwafels, which are two thin waffle-pressed cookies held together with a smear of caramel.

Yesterday, they made them into hearts for Valentine’s Day. Of course I told them to keep mine as circles because let’s not be wasteful.


As a reasonably (I thought) seasoned Norwegian, I thought I could roll in here and appropriate that joint up. NOPE. If I could identify 8% of what that store sells I’d be impressed with myself. At the back of the store is a deli case with all the northern European cheeses and meat products you could hope for.


Deli sandwiches, named “The Bavarian,” The Copenhagen,” and “The Transylvania.” Or make your own, with meats as pedestrian as Turkey and as wild as Cervelaat (no clue). Cheese? Gouda to Butter Kase (again, no idea but I like the sound of it).


Of course I spent $10 on a jar of pickles. It’s like you don’t even know me.


German Pretzel Mix! German Bee Sting Cake Mix! Butter Cookies! Yes, ok this island I can figure out.


Not this one. Hello, culinary horizons, PREPARE TO BE EXPANDED.


And this! WTF is this? “Salmak powder, salty,” contains licorice root extract, sugar, ammonium chloride, rice flour and salt and ought not to be used by people with high blood pressure. I have actually eaten Lutefisk and I don’t have a clue what this is. There is so much googling in my future.


A huge chocolate selection of course, including Icelandic brands. And now I know where people are getting their decorative clogs and Oktoberfest hats from.


Verdict: Crazy place, full of nostalgic products and I’m sure impossible to find ingredients.

Was I out of my element? Yes.

Did I order $30 in stroopwafels? Yes.

Will I be going back? Yes (after I google some stuff though)

Do they sell Lutefisk? No. But they do get some requests for it around Christmas.

Experience the Unique

At Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, we represent some the most magnificent properties in the state of Utah. The lifestyle here on the Silicon Slopes is one of clean air, breathtaking landscapes, and hundreds of recreational opportunities right out our back door. Watch for this commercial which is part of our campaign that will be running all through the Deer Valley Music Festival.

And featured in this video you will find my listing at Stag Lodge, a brilliant ski-in/ski-out property right on Last Chance ski run at Deer Valley Resort. Click here for more details.

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty is proud to sponsor the 2017 Deer Valley Music Festival. Enjoy the world-class talent from our own Utah Symphony, paired with the best in classic rock, country, show tunes, pop, jazz, and of course, chamber and classical music galore. The festival includes 16 concerts over a five-week period, including 12 “main stage” concerts at Deer Valley Resort’s Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater in Park City and four chamber concerts at St. Mary’s Church in Salt Lake City. The Deer Valley Music Festival will open at the beginning of July with a patriotic concert, featuring Broadway and opera singer Lisa Vroman with the Utah Symphony Orchestra.

Other highlights scheduled to perform with the symphony throughout the summer include: Leslie Odom Jr., the Beach Boys and Ben Folds Five. “America’s band” The Beach Boys — synonymous with sun, surf and endless California sunshine – will perform their good-vibe music with the Utah Symphony on July 8th. Boasting three dozen U.S. Top 40 hits (the most by any American rock group), The Beach Boys’ chart-topping hits include “Surfin’,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “I Get Around,” “Kokomo,” “Help Me Rhonda” and “California Girls.”

Goldener Hirsch Residences, pt VIII

They are getting very close to finalizing many of the details. It’s a condo hotel project (like St. Regis or Stein Eriksen Lodge), which adds another layer of details to iron out. For instance, they need to select who the property manager will be, and once that’s done they can make decisions about common areas and rentals and operations, and once that’s figured out that will inform the final unit sales pricing. New construction is always a lot of moving parts.

In addition to the property management component, the architect and interior designer are finishing the design and renderings for the common areas and the definition of the condos below the rooftop pool area. They are hoping to get all of these things figured out because they want to avoid anything other than subtle changes between reservation and contract.

They’re now thinking early July for a product release, and by that time they hope to have a draft copy of the CC&Rs, bylaws, condo hotel Rules and Regulations. At the product release they plan to have everything ready: here are the units, here is the price schedule, here are the finishes and furniture. Then they are considering a period of 3 weeks for you to review all the info. At the end of those 3 weeks they plan to start accepting reservations.

A lot of the dirt work has been done; here is what the parcels look like today:


If you are interested in this project, let me know right away. Where we don’t know exactly what the reservation process will entail, I want to make certain you have every opportunity possible to own in this exclusive development.

The marketing is also a fluid concept; this link will always bring you to the most recent version of the sales brochure (but right now it hasn’t been updated since March 1).

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June 2017 Newsletter

I mean, what else would you call walking into other people’s houses that aren’t for sale? Like 12 of them? But June 24 is a very special day, the day of the Park City Historic Home Tour! Buy a ticket from the booth at the Town Lift Plaza that day or online now and visit an exclusive selection of historic homes in Old Town. Fascinating history, gorgeous design ranging from original to Alpine Modern. And what a beautiful time to be in Park City!

In our sales meeting, we each get to pitch our new listings. During this meeting…

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Park City Open House Tour: 6/7/17 In Town

Open house tour day! Here is the interactive tour with photos and maps:

View Interactive Tour

Remember that all the open houses will show up on this list if you’re not careful, so be sure and note the date and times on the left side of each listing or click the drop down menu in top middle of the page under my contact info and select today’s date. Also attached are printable reports for this week only if you’d prefer. Let me know if you have any questions or see anything you’re interested in.

PDF: Open_House_Client_Tour

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Goldener Hirsch Residences, pt VII

Exciting news up at Goldener Hirsch: the site is fenced off and they have begun digging.

Even more exciting is that the development team estimates that they are about two weeks out on releasing pricing, and looking at probably early June to begin the reservation process.


If you are interested in this project, let me know right away. Where we don’t know exactly what the reservation process will entail, I want to make certain you have every opportunity possible to own in this exclusive development.

The marketing is also a fluid concept; this link will always bring you to the most recent version of the sales brochure.

I’ll let you know as new information develops! To catch up on previous updates, you can view my blog posts about the project by clicking here.