Tips to Help Your #Hustle: The Bullet Journal Method

As part of my continuing series, “Tips to Help Your #Hustle,” here is another quick tip to help dominate in your working life. The sooner you conquer your career the sooner you can be free to start living the life you’ve worked so hard for. For me, that life happens up high in the mountains of Park City, Utah.

Have you ever wished somebody would hand you a key, an index, a magic formula for taking efficient notes that are useful later, one that would magnify your productivity, free up your creativity and ultimately lead to your being a total badass in your business?

Behold. The Bullet Journal Method.


This video goes very quickly, so plan to watch it a time or two but sometimes that’s what it takes for genius to unfold. My broker played it for us in sales meeting and we all sat with mouths agape. As a moleskin fetishist I can vouch for the brilliance of this system. It’s everything I ever wanted. The website is fabulous as well. Go. Go now. Order a moleskine–start with The Hobbit version because duh why wouldn’t you–start using it efficiently, and carry on taking over the world.

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