Kristina’s Top 5 Tips For Owning an Old House (that you won’t find on TV)

As a Realtor, I have the inside line if you will on terrific properties. So when the opportunity arose to buy a one-owner 1955 home in Salt Lake City for a great price in a good neighborhood I jumped on it. But an older home will come with challenges. This is the price we pay for established trees, a piece of history, and a charming home. Nevertheless, this has been a great refresher course on what you should keep in mind when you buy an old house. Here are my top 5 tips you won’t find on TV.

1. There will be good surprises.

Kristina House-Hardwood

Original hardwood floor under the carpet. THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL.

2. There will be bad surprises.

Oh, hi foundation leak, hi.

3. You will get dirty.

Version 2

Try to change OUT of your dress clothes before you start prying things off the wall. A Polo iron-free oxford can only take so much.

4. Like, REALLY dirty.

Version 2

Bingo wings be lookin’ fine.

5. Drink.

Kristina House-Drink

A lot.

Kristina House-Drink a lot

Like, a lot a lot. 

Kristina House-Like a lot lot

No, for serious, DRINK IT ALL.

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