I do not say that a house is perfect very often. I do not say it is stunning, or epic, or nestled in the aspens. I hate the idea of devaluing a word by overusing it. ENOUGH HYPERBOLE TO KILL A HORSE.


But when I do come across a house that is extremely well-done, with splendid use of space, smart design, careful selection of fixtures and accessories, and has the bonus factor of a beautiful feeling in the home, I hope that I haven’t devalued the meaning of the word when I say it really is excellent. 2381 Lucky John Drive in Park City is excellent.


You remember the drill, don’t you? Hack iPhone pics of things I found particularly striking below, full, gorgeous Sotheby’s photos here: Contemporary Home in Holiday Ranchettes. (The photo above was taken by our incredible, in-house photographers as well.)

2381 Lucky John-12

When you first walk in, a glass wall opens up to the manicured backyard.

2381 Lucky John-2

Why yes, I will take a frosty beverage on this patio. Every day for the rest of my life.

2381 Lucky John-3

Double-side stone fireplace that anchors the room and probably the town? Check.

2381 Lucky John-11

The kids’ playroom upstairs could be used for a variety of uses, but as is was charming, beautiful, and creative. Also hi view, hello.

2381 Lucky John-8

Every bathroom in the home was a work of art, but this one was particularly interesting because I never see yellow-toned fixtures anymore. EVER.

2381 Lucky John-1

Speaking of fixtures, they were good.

2381 Lucky John-4

I mean, really good.

2381 Lucky John-9


2381 Lucky John-10

And for a house of this caliber, the accessories were spot on.

2381 Lucky John-5

(You know by know I have a thing for furniture right? Particularly mid-century influenced wooden furniture and cabinetry? BECAUSE I DO.)

2381 Lucky John-6

This chair and lounge fit together asymmetrically. It’s a chounge. A Chalounge. A Lounchair. Whatever it’s called, A+.

2381 Lucky John-7

And living room chairs made out of Princess Leia’s coat in Empire Strikes Back. SO I LOVE THEM EVEN MORE.

Every day I am reminded how fortunate I am to be surrounded by this level of excellence. Park City is a special place, but it is made even better because it attracts all manner of brilliance and creativity. This house is composed perfectly, and it was a true pleasure to walk through it. A hundred bucks says the buyer of this home is an avid Architectural Digest reader, because that’s exactly where this house belongs.

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