Two-Word Taste Test: Cider

Happy Saturday! While you’re out and about today, why not hop on the hipster bandwagon (beards optional) and expand your cider repertoire? Because I am a generous person looking out for your best interests, I have taken it upon myself to taste test six ciders and report back to you with my findings.

Six different bottles.

For science.


Cider Test - 1 Angry Orchard Apple

2. WOODCHUCK HARD CIDER: Amber Cider Test - 2 Woodchuck Amber

3. ACE: Perry Hard Cider

Cider Test - 3 Ace Pear

4. WOODCHUCK HARD CIDER: Pear Cider Test - 4 Woodchuck Pear

5. ACE: Apple Hard Cider

Cider Test - 5 Ace Apple

6. WOODCHUCK HARD CIDER: Granny Smith Cider Test - 6 Woodchuck Green Apple [hic]

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