View Had Me Like Whoa: 7815 Falcon Ct in Bald Eagle, Deer Valley

I frequently see homes upwards of $5M that are terrible. (The Mo’ Money principle.) The higher the price tag, often the more specific the home and the less agreeable it will be to a larger number of people. You can see why: if you’re going to own a home that expensive it’d better be exactly the way you want it.

Which is why I don’t talk about every high-end home I see. It’s like dropping names, “Oh, I was in a $9M house today lah tee dah.” For it to be worth talking about, it really is more about the character of the home. Last Wednesday I toured a home in the gated upper Deer Valley Resort-area community of Bald Eagle that is definitely worth talking about. For the moment, this house is for sale, and you can view the official photos here and additional listing information (and full MLS property search) here.

I can’t stress enough how important a good entry is, and this house had some to spare. In the front door, down a few steps to a balcony overlooking the living area.

7815 Falcon Ct, Park City, Utah-1

Outside of the impressive view, it is hard to miss this unique hardwood floor; putting my favorite herringbone out of business.

7815 Falcon Ct, Park City, Utah-2

To say this house had a good view is like saying the Titanic took on some water.

7815 Falcon Ct, Park City, Utah-3

That Mt. Everest is tall.

7815 Falcon Ct, Park City, Utah-7


7815 Falcon Ct-3-4
Seriously, click to expand because wow

My picture is dismal but the kitchen definitely was not.

7815 Falcon Ct, Park City, Utah-5

And you know I fixate on garages sometimes but hey, that’s what happens to your brain when your husband is a craftsman woodworker and you’ve never actually parked in your own garage. *ahem*

Their garage shied away from the normal concrete, the sealed epoxy, or the diamond plate. This garage floor? Flagstone.

7815 Falcon Ct, Park City, Utah-9

Most homes in this price range will have an elevator; the key is to make yours as charming as possible. Mission: accomplished.

7815 Falcon Ct, Park City, Utah-6

This home is owned by an artist, and his studio was in the very tippy top loft with views out the front and back towards the famous Bald Mountain of Deer Valley Resort. There were a few special touches that caught my eye, and whether he painted them or not, frankly, doesn’t matter.

7815 Falcon Ct-8

I find that when an artist occupies a space, there are fascinating things to be seen everywhere, and this home was no different. Just beautiful.

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