Black Diamond Lodge, Penthouse #341

Black Diamond Lodge is right at the base of lower Deer Valley, the last property up the mountain past Snow Park Lodge. The location is ridiculous. You drive PAST the St. Regis to get to Black Diamond. It’s the end of the road. Any farther and you’d just be driving up the mountain. Take a look at this map and see just how ridiculous said location is:

As such, it’s a prime property for summer and winter: winter because it’s ski-in/ski-out. But summer is an interesting one, not because of conventions or long summer bookings like we see at other properties. Nope, Black Diamond is where you want to be in the summer because you are looking down at the Snow Park amphitheatre and maybe you’re new to this but Deer Valley puts on some amazing concerts ALL. SUMMER. LONG.

Click to view virtual tour:BlackDiamondLodge

This property is listed by a colleague of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, and for the moment, listing details can be found here.

And here is a casual video showing. Many times great properties will come to market and if you’re out of town, you can’t just drop everything and come walk through. So, one of the services I provide is to walk through properties you’re interested in and film them so you can get a much better feel for the floorplan. If you see a property online that you’d like more information on, please let me know and I’m happy to film a walkthrough for you.

Experience the Unique

At Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, we represent some the most magnificent properties in the state of Utah. The lifestyle here on the Silicon Slopes is one of clean air, breathtaking landscapes, and hundreds of recreational opportunities right out our back door. Watch for this commercial which is part of our campaign that will be running all through the Deer Valley Music Festival.

And featured in this video you will find my listing at Stag Lodge, a brilliant ski-in/ski-out property right on Last Chance ski run at Deer Valley Resort. Click here for more details.

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty is proud to sponsor the 2017 Deer Valley Music Festival. Enjoy the world-class talent from our own Utah Symphony, paired with the best in classic rock, country, show tunes, pop, jazz, and of course, chamber and classical music galore. The festival includes 16 concerts over a five-week period, including 12 “main stage” concerts at Deer Valley Resort’s Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater in Park City and four chamber concerts at St. Mary’s Church in Salt Lake City. The Deer Valley Music Festival will open at the beginning of July with a patriotic concert, featuring Broadway and opera singer Lisa Vroman with the Utah Symphony Orchestra.

Other highlights scheduled to perform with the symphony throughout the summer include: Leslie Odom Jr., the Beach Boys and Ben Folds Five. “America’s band” The Beach Boys — synonymous with sun, surf and endless California sunshine – will perform their good-vibe music with the Utah Symphony on July 8th. Boasting three dozen U.S. Top 40 hits (the most by any American rock group), The Beach Boys’ chart-topping hits include “Surfin’,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “I Get Around,” “Kokomo,” “Help Me Rhonda” and “California Girls.”

6 Eagle Ct: Ski house video walkthrough

This is a walkthrough video of an excellent house in the American Flag subdivision of Deer Valley, in Park City, Utah. Tremendous views, very comfortable as-is or good potential for a remodel.

This home is listed by colleagues of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, but I’d love to represent you as a buyer! As long as this house is listed, the details can be found here:

Hot buys and Coming to Market: 1/16/17

Two condos have hit the market this week in Old Town and they won’t be around for long.

1482 Empire Ave 103 is Edelweiss Haus, right across the street from the base area at Park City Resort.

1509 Park Ave is one block away from the base area.

Both would make excellent nightly or long-term rental options, both have amazing access to skiing, both are on the bus route, and both will be gone soon.


Click here for the full MLS details and photos.

Also, three new listings will be coming up from my Summit Sotheby’s associates:

A Cove condo in Park Meadows, coming online at $1,125,000
A Deer Crest house coming online at $8.25M
An Aspen Springs house coming online at $2.795M

Timber Madness at 1403 Eagle Way

If you’ve ever watched Barnwood Builders you get the drift; somebody acquires an ancient barn or log home, they deconstruct it, then re-construct it either into the same shape structure or a modified structure. But the point is to save a building that has been let go far too long. It’s actually a beautiful way to repurpose what might be a condemned structure. And that is the story of 1403 Eagle Way, listed by a colleague of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty. You can view the virtual tour here, and as you’ll see in the drone shots at the beginning, the views are fantastic, and here is the full listing report.

The story continues: apparently the dramatic timbers repurposed here are from an Essex grain barn, built in the 17th Century.

And they are MAGNIFICENT.


Now, you know how important good ceilings are to me. And this? Good ceiling. Very good ceiling.


The timber and brick usage above the stove! Oh, my heart.


This is the upstairs loft area, and it is a perfectly lovely place to write or knit or plan your next Game of Thrones-style betrayal.


And everywhere in the home they have preserved the gorgeous joinery. In their time, these joints were built for function, and made to last for 400 years or more. What we might dismiss as only an aesthetic choice today was simply a beautiful and elegant solution to a problem back then.


This is a special house.


One that needs to be preserved, loved. Respected. This home needs a special owner. One that will appreciate the big details, like the massive timbers.


And the little details, like the cast iron door pulls.


And lovely latches.

Portions of the house aren’t timber-accented, including the downstairs level. However there is an interesting wood feature here: the floor of the bar. Look closely.


Look MORE closely.


It’s an end grain wood block floor! I can’t think of another house in Park City with this type of flooring. Also known here in the US as Nicolson pavement, its origins are unknown, but surely trace back hundreds and hundreds of years. Wood was easier to work with and easier to obtain than rock for a very long time, so it was quite popular as street pavement until less slippery, less creosote-soaked, more durable stone-based paving became more available. It was also used on interiors, even into the 1970s Chrysler used it on some of their factory floors because it was easy on the feet and the equipment, easy to repair, and because it was indoors, didn’t rot or need to be sealed as often. Plus it’s beautiful.


This house is not gimmicky. But it is a home with impact. The location is good, the views are excellent, and the interior is lovely, memorable, and worth preserving.

Oh the Arts, and also Crafts: 4275 Quarry Mountain Rd

I love me a good Arts and Crafts house. And shy of a full A&C restoration I will settle for a good handful of the correct elements and thoughtful furniture. Add that to a sprawling estate and my little heart goes pitter patter. Allow me to introduce 4275 Quarry Mountain Road*, listed by a colleague of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty.

Here is the video. Here is the virtual tour. Here is the features list. Here is the MLS report and current pricing. Peruse at your leisure, I promise you won’t be disappointed. But let me walk you through what I love best about this house.


The entrance is grand and square and has a water feature running down each side of the walkway. The gutters draw water and ice down copper chains to a copper trough. Also red-trimmed windows, shake siding, and stained glass door and two sidelites. THE BALANCE SLAYS ME.


The main house and guest house sit on approx. 2.3 acres, which as you can see are flat and beautifully landscaped and surrounded by absurdly beautiful mountains. I should point out that there is no great drive to get here: this property is in town, one of only 36 parcels in the gated Quarry Mountain Ranch, which is off of Hwy 224/Park Ave/the main drag into and out of town. This house is 6 minutes from the Canyons Village at Park City Resort. SIX.


I like the lights over the island in the kitchen. I like the drawer and cabinet pulls. I like the tree motif in the tile above the window.


The house is an interesting mix of Arts & Crafts-inspired design and more opulent decor. This fireplace separates a bar area from a dining area, and this whole hall is in the neighborhood of 60 feet long.


This is the bar and sitting area on the other side of the fireplace, and LOOK AT THOSE CABINETS. I’m not certain if that is Sapele or Bubinga but the figure in that wood is is something most often reserved for fine furniture. I think that’s one of the main takeaways in this house: demand nothing less than excellent.


But it is still comfortable, and cozy. The A&C-inspired inlays on the chairs and bed matter. Though furniture is sometimes included and sometimes not included, it is important to the overall staging and character of your home. That is what people feel when they walk through and consider buying, so make good decisions. These are good decisions.


Stained glass? A+. Can you play “Floor or Ceiling?” in most of the rooms? Good.


Between the two buildings, I really like the way the roof isn’t always on posts into the deck area.


And where it is, the beams? They are glorious.



*Home featured is 4275 Quarry Mountain Road, listed by a colleague of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty. Photos taken by our superstar team of professional photographers at SSIR. 

Motherlode E: Soon to be GBG (Gone, Baby, Gone)

Attention: If you want 3-bedrooms, less than 2 blocks to Town Lift, designated parking and ready for a remodel we have a short window for you to move on this Motherlode condo.

This is not my listing, but is listed by a colleague at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty. These photos aren’t mine either, but are from our rockstar photographers. 

It has private access from the garage, and two-car designated underground parking. Right at 6th St. and Park Ave, next to the Crescent Tram trail. It’s literally this unit with the stained glass windows:

Continue reading “Motherlode E: Soon to be GBG (Gone, Baby, Gone)”

A STEAL in Old Town

***UPDATE: This house is gone, baby gone. Allegedly receiving 5 offers and has closed.***

Shopping for Old Town opportunities means looking for these things:

  1. Flat road
  2. Next to staircase
  3. Garage
  4. Non-historic
  5. Close to attractions (Main St., Park City Resort, etc.)
  6. Ready for a remodel
  7. Yard
  8. Good price

My friends, I have found a property that ticks 7 of the 8 boxes. This house at 501 Park Ave is ready for a new owner, and is a real opportunity.

It’s not my listing (listed by Coldwell Banker – Union Park), and we would absolutely want to verify that it actually has escaped the historically significant designation (because if it is historic then you will be very limited by what you can do). But this cutie is on the market at the moment for $950,000, next to the 5th St staircase, has a two-car garage, was heavily remodeled in the 1990s, and is on one of the easier parts of upper Park Ave. Being next to the staircase means you get the feeling of a giant Old Town lot but you don’t have to pay the tax bill or purchase price for it! Remodeled homes with that proximity in Old Town trade for over $2M.

Oh, and while I was filming this video another Old Town agent showed up WITH clients. So, as they say, THE TIME TO HESITATE IS THROUGH. Call me if you’re interested, this one won’t last long.