2 Thaynes Canyon Way: 2 Legit 2 Quit

There are some houses that are fine. Just that, fine. When I walk through them I don’t feel any real connection, it’s all just numbers: is this a good area, is this a good floorplan, is it priced well, could it be rented. And then there are houses that I LOVE and it becomes my duty (heh) to find somebody perfect for that house.

2 Thaynes Canyon Way is one of those houses. (Click here to view the listing.)


The walk to the door is quiet; the house is one of only two on this road. In Thaynes Canyon, which is inherently desirable because it is in town, right in between the base area of Park City Resort, the Silver Star development and ski lift, and Park City Golf Course. It is also primarily made up of older houses, which means old trees, established yards, first pick of the location and views, and large, eclectic houses.


The floorplan is open and comfortable, and in some areas has different levels throughout, a few steps up and a few steps down.


The kitchen is extremely comfortable, and at every open house I’ve attended there we’ve all just hung out, standing around the island, looking out the windows and stuffing our faces.


One thing that we look at but don’t really look at is furniture. Furniture is sometimes included with the house, sometimes not. But it gives us a glimpse into who owns the property and what sort of owner they are. If it’s all cheap furniture that’s falling apart, that makes us wonder how much deferred maintenance is in the house. If it’s obscenely opulent, we wonder what that story is too. If it’s charming, we feel more warmly about the house. Case in point.


The master bedroom is amazing, but look at the mirror work on this fireplace.


The bedroom has a bookcase that is half books, half fly-tying material.


The master bedroom has a fly-tying lounge. Let that sink in: a FLY-TYING LOUNGE.


Now, that’s not all. Downstairs is where the real party starts. The most striking element is this huge mural of the ski areas. Beautiful, and heartwarming that someone would pay this much homage to the mountain town we’re in. It also reminds me of the hostel in Jackson which had a big mural on the wall and a selection of sticky-looking beanbags on the floor. Luckily here we have a not-sticky looking pool table.


Across the space is a stone accent wall surrounding a fireplace. I know it sounds chintzy, but look at it! It works.


Particularly when we get over to the grotto. Oh yes, the grotto. Cedar walls, more stone, comfy chairs to sit and play cards at after you get of the sauna.


The downstairs kitchen is also fantastic. Okay look, yes it’s older. No, it isn’t white marble and chrome. But it is functional. And fun. And has been functional and fun for all this time.




And outside was quiet and calm. The road you can see is the road into this cul de sac, and remember this is one of only two houses on it.


The moral of this story is that this house isn’t just cool to look at. It doesn’t just have a downstairs that isn’t brand new. This is a special house. Somebody loves this house very much. This is also a lovely location and a good price. But if you’re buying a home, not just a rental condo, not just an investment, not just a house, if you’re buying a HOME, this feeling, this x-factor is what you look for. It’s what you can’t quite put your finger on.

It just feels like home.

Please note, photos I took are noted as such. The rest are taken by our crack team of superstar photographers at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty (©2016 Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, all rights reserved, obv). Also, this home is listed by my brokerage, but I am not the listing agent.

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