Quick Location Video: Victorian Village

My Quick Location Video series addresses what I see to be a pretty common theme in real estate, rental, and tourism: the writer just assumes you know what the names are for all the areas and that you know what those names mean. I’m guilty of falling into that trap myself, so here is my attempt to absolve myself. These little videos will just give you a quick rundown of what you can find in the area and what some of the key features are.

Today I feature Victorian Village condos, in Old Town on Empire Ave, walk through one listed condo, and discuss why it’s important to read the HOA meeting minutes, budgets, and financial statements when shopping for a property in an HOA community. I filmed this in May of 2016.

This condo shown here was listed by CooperWynn Real Estate, but has since sold. Please contact me to see what’s online in Victorian Village currently or to be notified as soon as one comes on the market.

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