Goldener Hirsch Hotel and Residences (pt II)

Please note: this project is still very much in the planning stages. Information herein is not guaranteed.

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It’s been a long spring waiting for news on the Goldener Hirsch Hotel and Residences. But my enthusiasm remains untempered: this is still the last buildable lot in upper Deer Valley and Goldener Hirsch is still very much a storied brand. So far, the bulk of what we know is from the January Planning Commission packet and the January Planning Commission Meeting minutes. (I can email these packets directly to you as well.) And according to the Planning Commission, they are working out utility plans now. Word on the street is that they have to move a sewer line, but that is of course unconfirmed.


The preliminary plans include:

  • 3 new buildings, 5 and 6 stories high, similar in mass to the surrounding buildings
  • Adding 38 residential condos: 1-bd, 2-bd, and 3-bd units + 1 ADA unit; the 2- and 3-bd units will have one bedroom keyed for lockout
  • Estimated completion date is December 2018 (but this was discussed 6 months ago so this deadline has likely changed)
  • Existing Goldener Hirsch Inn will remain but will have some modifications including losing 2 rooms to the new pedestrian bridge connecting the Inn with the new middle building
  • One of the building pads is being used as a surface parking lot with about 45 spaces; the new 2-level underground parking garage will provide the required number of spaces for the residences plus an additional 40 spaces
  • No new commercial space, but will be adding 3,200 sq ft of meeting space
  • The middle building will feature the bulk of the amenities, including a porte cochère and new check-in area, lounge, owner storage, locker rooms, fitness room, rec room, and a rooftop pool

I have pulled out some particularly interesting pages of the January Planning Commission packet:

Artist renderings


Site maps




Floorplan examples


Square footage schedule

It has been a fascinating process watching all of the parties at work. A tremendous amount of work goes into preliminary plans, full architectural designs, multiple studies, community open houses, research into the governing codes and master plans before there’s even a discussion with the Planning Commission. Not only does this community have to meet the Master Plan for Park City, but also the Land Management Code and the Deer Valley Master Planned Development requirements. As a whole, this project has been  very well thought-out and most of the community objections were considered before it came to the Commission. Stay tuned!

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Please note: this project is still very much in the planning stages. Information herein is not guaranteed.

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