Oh the Arts, and also Crafts: 4275 Quarry Mountain Rd

I love me a good Arts and Crafts house. And shy of a full A&C restoration I will settle for a good handful of the correct elements and thoughtful furniture. Add that to a sprawling estate and my little heart goes pitter patter. Allow me to introduce 4275 Quarry Mountain Road*, listed by a colleague of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty.

Here is the video. Here is the virtual tour. Here is the features list. Here is the MLS report and current pricing. Peruse at your leisure, I promise you won’t be disappointed. But let me walk you through what I love best about this house.


The entrance is grand and square and has a water feature running down each side of the walkway. The gutters draw water and ice down copper chains to a copper trough. Also red-trimmed windows, shake siding, and stained glass door and two sidelites. THE BALANCE SLAYS ME.


The main house and guest house sit on approx. 2.3 acres, which as you can see are flat and beautifully landscaped and surrounded by absurdly beautiful mountains. I should point out that there is no great drive to get here: this property is in town, one of only 36 parcels in the gated Quarry Mountain Ranch, which is off of Hwy 224/Park Ave/the main drag into and out of town. This house is 6 minutes from the Canyons Village at Park City Resort. SIX.


I like the lights over the island in the kitchen. I like the drawer and cabinet pulls. I like the tree motif in the tile above the window.


The house is an interesting mix of Arts & Crafts-inspired design and more opulent decor. This fireplace separates a bar area from a dining area, and this whole hall is in the neighborhood of 60 feet long.


This is the bar and sitting area on the other side of the fireplace, and LOOK AT THOSE CABINETS. I’m not certain if that is Sapele or Bubinga but the figure in that wood is is something most often reserved for fine furniture. I think that’s one of the main takeaways in this house: demand nothing less than excellent.


But it is still comfortable, and cozy. The A&C-inspired inlays on the chairs and bed matter. Though furniture is sometimes included and sometimes not included, it is important to the overall staging and character of your home. That is what people feel when they walk through and consider buying, so make good decisions. These are good decisions.


Stained glass? A+. Can you play “Floor or Ceiling?” in most of the rooms? Good.


Between the two buildings, I really like the way the roof isn’t always on posts into the deck area.


And where it is, the beams? They are glorious.



*Home featured is 4275 Quarry Mountain Road, listed by a colleague of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty. Photos taken by our superstar team of professional photographers at SSIR. 

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