The Old Dutch Store in Sugarhouse

Sometimes it takes driving past a store a hundred times to wonder what they do in there. Sometimes it takes a sign saying “fresh stroopwafels.” And sometimes it takes a big-ass windmill on the roof.


This little gem is on Highland Drive and just north of 27th S (that’s 2700 S, come at me anti-grid bros). And on Wednesdays, they make fresh stroopwafels, which are two thin waffle-pressed cookies held together with a smear of caramel.

Yesterday, they made them into hearts for Valentine’s Day. Of course I told them to keep mine as circles because let’s not be wasteful.


As a reasonably (I thought) seasoned Norwegian, I thought I could roll in here and appropriate that joint up. NOPE. If I could identify 8% of what that store sells I’d be impressed with myself. At the back of the store is a deli case with all the northern European cheeses and meat products you could hope for.


Deli sandwiches, named “The Bavarian,” The Copenhagen,” and “The Transylvania.” Or make your own, with meats as pedestrian as Turkey and as wild as Cervelaat (no clue). Cheese? Gouda to Butter Kase (again, no idea but I like the sound of it).


Of course I spent $10 on a jar of pickles. It’s like you don’t even know me.


German Pretzel Mix! German Bee Sting Cake Mix! Butter Cookies! Yes, ok this island I can figure out.


Not this one. Hello, culinary horizons, PREPARE TO BE EXPANDED.


And this! WTF is this? “Salmak powder, salty,” contains licorice root extract, sugar, ammonium chloride, rice flour and salt and ought not to be used by people with high blood pressure. I have actually eaten Lutefisk and I don’t have a clue what this is. There is so much googling in my future.


A huge chocolate selection of course, including Icelandic brands. And now I know where people are getting their decorative clogs and Oktoberfest hats from.


Verdict: Crazy place, full of nostalgic products and I’m sure impossible to find ingredients.

Was I out of my element? Yes.

Did I order $30 in stroopwafels? Yes.

Will I be going back? Yes (after I google some stuff though)

Do they sell Lutefisk? No. But they do get some requests for it around Christmas.

Proper Burgers and Liquor Laws

A delicious thing to do in my gorgeous state is go to a brewery and eat. There’s a certain Utah-ness about it all sometimes though. As a lifetime local, let me explain.

Because Utah’s liquor laws are as useful as a fish with a bicycle complex, patient purveyors cannot serve a burger, a beer over 4%, and sell you a bottle of beer to take home all in the same space. Each thing can get done of course, but there can be some running around to do it. It’s just that each thing needs a different license but you can do each one separately or combine some of them but everything needs its own license or many licenses or a specific kind of license and a lot of walls in many places. And a unicorn horn and two Hydra heads.

I was researching the rules but got bored, so I decided to drink a hard-fought beer instead. Maybe a real-world example will help.

Proper is a local company that makes craft beers and also burgers, both tasty.

At Proper Burger Co., you can order draft 4% craft beer and enjoy it with your fancy hamburger.proper_burgers-2

If you’d like a fancy hamburger and something stronger or if you’d like to drink the non-draft (over 4%) bottles of craft beer, you go next door to the bar, Proper Brewing Co., and Proper Burger Co. will bring your hamburger to you.proper_burgers-8

If you want to buy Proper craft beer here to drink at home (instead of driving to a state liquor store), you have to go through a separate door in the Proper Brewing Co. building to get to the Proper Bottle Store.proper_burgers-10

Still with me? Let’s review.

You can get this burger at Proper Burger Co.proper_burgers-6

And also here at Proper Brewing Co. proper_burgers-11

You cannot get these bottles of beer at Proper Burger Co.proper_burgers-13

You can get them at the Proper Bottle Store. And also at Proper Brewing Co. Which is connected to but totally separate from Proper Bottle Store. You cannot drink them at Proper Bottle Store. You can drink them at Proper Brewing Co.

Which is next to but a different building than and not visible from Proper Burger Co.

Which is where you can also get this burger. And also at Proper Brewing Co. Which is right next door.proper_burgers-1

Which is next to the Proper Bottle Store. Which is open on Sundays. State liquor stores are not.proper_burgers-7

You know what? Forget it.

Just call me and tell me what you want to do and I’ll tell you how.

Lola’s Street Kitchen

A fun thing I get to do is visit a lot of open houses. A LOT. Last Wednesday I clocked 47 flights of stairs on open house day. And some days the refreshments are a pile of baby carrots, and other days they are fully catered, and on special days, with a foodtruck. This is the story of such a day.

Lola's Street Kitchen 1 At the Lodges at Snake Creek open house (this is a cool project that is finishing completion in Midway, we’ll talk about this more later), they brought in Lola’s Street Kitchen to keep everybody sustained through the tour. Lola’s is a local truck out of Heber, and you can usually find them in the Dottie’s Kolaches parking lot or the Day’s Market parking lot (check their social media for updates). Despite the tendency of food trucks to cave into overly stereotypical and done-to-death recipes*, I am still a sucker for them. Continue reading “Lola’s Street Kitchen”

Restaurant Review: Waffle Love Food Truck

I have a thing for baked goods. For crispy and chewy pastries, just barely sweet enough to make black coffee amazing. I also love the whole idea of food trucks, like fancy little trailers with baller kitchens. So when the Waffle Love food truck rolled over to Metro Title Company‘s open house I really had no choice.


Waffle Love was parked in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival two years ago and though I missed a waffle at that point I have been thinking about it ever since. And particularly since my waffle iron got packed away in a “Kitchen B-List” box and hasn’t made it to the house yet. As any test of a baked good, try it plain first. If it’s not good without whipped cream or syrup or Nutella then it will just be lovely things on a crappy pastry. This was not a crappy pastry. My guess is it’s a yeast-raised waffle batter that they stick sugar cubes in once it’s in the iron.

Continue reading “Restaurant Review: Waffle Love Food Truck”