Peanut Butter Burgers and Baseball

So a spectacular thing to do in Salt Lake City, Utah on a warm summer night is blow off a baseball game and eat a peanut butter hamburger instead.

Stick with me here.


Lucky 13 is an actual bar, so under 21 is persona non grata. It’s almost impossible to get into this place before a game, but if you approach after the game has started, you should be able to breeze right in.


Lucky13-6The bathrooms (ladies’ at least) have a fetching inner-stall mural. Her eyes follow you around.

And of course given the choice between eating indoors and eating outdoors, you must always choose outdoors. Always.

Lucky13-3The fried pickle appetizer is tantalizing blurry, so imagine what they look like in focus! But for real and for once, they were properly breaded. People: do not suffer batter that slides off.

All the burger names are clever. Like the “Breath-Enhancer” which is garlic city. I opted for the comparatively-tame cheeseburger with house-smoked bacon. It was fantastic. The greens were baby greens. The bun was fresh and lovely. The patty was dripping beef fat and perfect. And wtf is up with the fries? Are they fried in more beef fat or something? I had only begun a stein of Cutthroat so I know they were legit. (Post-stein please feel free to doubt my judgement.)

Lucky13-5My sister-in-law ordered the “Nut Butter” burger, which is cheddar cheese and peanut butter. PEANUT BUTTER. I know it sounds backwards and gross but maybe just interesting enough to want to try it right? It was good. Surprising. Rich as all get out. Vaguely like Thai peanut sauce. Try it, you’ll like it.

And like to be fair, we made the game after all. You pay for your seats so it’s not like you won’t have a place to sit. We lollygagged and ended up at the park for the 7th inning, full of beef and beer. And for the record, we rang in at $37 for a split order of fried pickles, two bacon cheeseburgers, and two steins of Cutthroat Ale. Far be it from me to be surprised that event concessions are where the profit comes from, but for the sake of journalism, at the ballpark we bought two average-sized chocolate ice cream cones for $13. To compare the two, our entire meal at Lucky 13 cost the same as six ice cream cones.

Just saying.

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