Big Views and Fancy Fixtures at a Preserve Estate


Have I mentioned how lovely fall in Park City is? The air–if it can be so–is crisper. The light is warm and rosy and lays sideways in the afternoons. The leaves are golden across the valley. And let’s just say evening open house event attendance is quite high because who wouldn’t want to drink in as many moments of this as you possibly could:

What a dump.

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I do not say that a house is perfect very often. I do not say it is stunning, or epic, or nestled in the aspens. I hate the idea of devaluing a word by overusing it. ENOUGH HYPERBOLE TO KILL A HORSE.


But when I do come across a house that is extremely well-done, with splendid use of space, smart design, careful selection of fixtures and accessories, and has the bonus factor of a beautiful feeling in the home, I hope that I haven’t devalued the meaning of the word when I say it really is excellent. 2381 Lucky John Drive in Park City is excellent.


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Five Seconds of Goofing Off and Also a Great Faucet

Five seconds of me horsing around on open house tour, filming vertically, before my phone stopped recording because I ran out of memory. Many wrongs do not make a right but IT DOESN’T MATTER LOOK AT THIS FAUCET.

The listing, while it lasts, and full photo gallery can be found here:

More Great Fixtures in the Colony

For my money, the Colony at White Pine Canyon is just spectacular. Generally 5 acre or larger lots, heavily treed with aspens and pines, tons of snow, and ski-in/ski-out at Canyons Resort, which is about to connect to Park City Mountain Resort and become the largest ski resort in North America.

So you know, no big deal.

The cool thing in the Colony is that often the homes are just spectacular. If you’re going to ask eight figures for a ski house, it had better be brilliant. I toured this land summer before last when it was just a little baby vacant lot with piles of lumber everywhere. Now it’s a full-grown ski home with 6 bedrooms, 9 baths, and some awesome fixtures. (This house has come off the market for the time being, so if you’d like more information on it please contact me.)
165 White Pine Canyon Rd
Holy cow, am I ever a sucker for Edison bulbs.

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