More Great Fixtures in the Colony

For my money, the Colony at White Pine Canyon is just spectacular. Generally 5 acre or larger lots, heavily treed with aspens and pines, tons of snow, and ski-in/ski-out at Canyons Resort, which is about to connect to Park City Mountain Resort and become the largest ski resort in North America.

So you know, no big deal.

The cool thing in the Colony is that often the homes are just spectacular. If you’re going to ask eight figures for a ski house, it had better be brilliant. I toured this land summer before last when it was just a little baby vacant lot with piles of lumber everywhere. Now it’s a full-grown ski home with 6 bedrooms, 9 baths, and some awesome fixtures. (This house has come off the market for the time being, so if you’d like more information on it please contact me.)
165 White Pine Canyon Rd
Holy cow, am I ever a sucker for Edison bulbs.

165 White Pine Canyon Rd
I know this seems like a relatively simple backsplash for such a grand home, but trust me, simpler is better. The granite was wild, the view dramatic, and these perfectly placed contemporary subway tiles were exactly what the space needed.

165 White Pine Canyon Rd
A great fixture in the wine room, which was ingeniously closed off using commercial glass hardware, similar to high-end shower door hardware.

165 White Pine Canyon Rd
Bathrooms are important! And there aren’t many places in a home like this where you can pull off a sconce.

Wednesdays are when we hold broker open houses in Park City. Remember, if you’d like to be the first to know what’s on tour or if you’re in town and want to come touring with me (and of course you want to, hello) drop me a line or a text and I’ll hook you up!

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