Oktoberfest at Wasatch Brew Pub

Wasatch Oktoberfest

Last night we stumbled on Wasatch Brew Pub’s Oktoberfest celebration. No, really. We went in for a beer and a burger because a barley pop and some beef fat are rarely a bad decision and started noticing bearded men with music stands coming through the door. And lots of blue and white flags. And the specials were bratwurst or beer-breaded chicken. Oktoberfest! (Oktobeer Fest, actually.)

Wasatch Oktoberfest Celebration in Park City, Utah

Funny enough, we had already started with a couple of Oktoberfest ales (I think it’s an ale) before we noticed what was going on. And a taster of the Pumpkin beer because I love it but only in teeny, tiny doses.

Wasatch Oktoberfest Beer in Park City, Utah

The band, The Heidelberg Express, was warming up in the upstairs part of the restaurant with various polkas and polka-style Willie Nelson songs. These guys were legit. PLEASE NOTE THE HATS!

Wasatch Oktoberfest: The Heidelberg Express in Park City, Utah

And after a couple beers, some queso and chips, we decided to split an order of the bratwurst.

Wasatch Oktoberfest Bratwurst in Park City, Utah

I’m at once happy and disappointed that we split the order. Happy because it was very rich. Disappointed because it was the best bratwurst and sauerkraut I’ve ever had. And I’m not one to turn down a bratwurst. It didn’t need a pile of sweet hot mustard. It didn’t have a strange texture. It was incredible. Full of spice, a deep flavor, a tender texture and the absolute opposite of the smoke-flavored mass-market brats we’re all accustomed to. And the sauerkraut? Oh! Again, sublime. I’m sorry I went into this with such low expectations but even gas station brats and sauerkraut is tasty. But this was fantastic. The sauerkraut was definitely not just a forkful of cold jarred cabbage. Well, it might have been when they started, but by the time it got to me it had been pan fried with grainy mustard until it was pleasantly dry and had a crust on it. Sauerkraut hash browns. Of which I am now obsessed.

Wasatch Brew Pub is having their Oktoberfest celebration tonight as well, and are also serving the specials next weekend on the 18th and 19th. I implore you, food lovers, GO. Order the brat. And a handful of beers. You won’t be sorry.


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