Halloween in Park City is a BIG DEAL

The whole town turns out for Halloween. When we say that, I can see how you might think we’re puffing just a little. I mean, it’s just Halloween, right? Like it’s just the 4th of July or just the start of the ski season? Never underestimate the Parkite ability to have a party for any reason at all. Thus, Halloween being a legit holiday and all, Halloween in Park City is a big event.  Adults, children, and dogs dress up in fabulous costumes and wander Main Street. The road is closed to cars, music is playing, each shop and restaurant is giving out candy. We call it a parade but frankly, parades have a direction.

I’m up on the deck of the Treasure Mountain Inn here, and as I look to the very top of Main Street there’s a good crowd. Aww look at the pair of angels and doctors. And the brew pub, naturally.

Upper Main Street

But as I turned to look down Main Street, things started to get scarier.

Lower Main Street

Look closer.

Lower Main Street, look closer


Lower Main Street THEY'RE COMING


We are not exaggerating when we say the entire town turns out for the Halloween party. Believe me now? It’s a pretty fun time.

Let the Wookie Win

Was there a wookie? Yes, of course there was. And look at his adorable little companion. Also I met that alligator huskie you see in the bottom right. His fluff was so vast that his gator garb wouldn’t stay straight.

50 Shades of Gray Dog

And we’re also not kidding about the dog parade part. Everybody had their dog in some inventive costume. We see here “50 Shades of Gray Dog.”

Mimes up to no good

The themed costumes were the best. And these two? Methinks their mischief wasn’t mimed. Just kidding. The kid in back is totally on a cell phone. But still, mimes running down a gray street in gray and black clothes and the only real color in the shot is red? Just try and stop me from taking that picture and making a big deal out of it.

There was a dancing Viking.

Some costumes were quite elaborate.

Spider Boy

How spiderkid get in the car?

The biggest disappointment, I’m afraid, is a shortcoming the town is just going to have to work on. We totally bombed at the group costumed dance to “Thriller.”

Sorry Michael Jackson. We’ll do better next year.

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