Oozing with Charm: 188 E Center Street, Heber City

First and foremost, houses do not ooze. Or at least, for the love of all that is holy, they shouldn’t. Secondly, if this house did ooze anything, it would be charm.

Stop saying “ooze.”

Anyways, a historic home that has been nicely remodeled is a rare thing. And with a soul as old and heart as tender as mine, it’s difficult to connect with a remodel where the exterior is old and gorgeous and the interior could be any new interior anywhere. Yes you can have better storage and taller countertops and new appliances. And you must re-do all of the plumbing and electricity in older homes for safety. I’m talking about design here. Old doorknobs. Solid panel doors. Beautifully unnecessary moulding around windows, doors, floors. CHAIR RAILS, PEOPLE!

Well, after seeing a rash of homes come on the market in neighboring Heber City that were built in the early 1900s but then destroyed with cheap remodels in the 1990s, this house was as pleasant as a fresh spring breeze. (Which we had day before yesterday and then last night it snowed 4 inches. So maybe forget that metaphor.)


188 E Center St, Heber City, Utah, 1

BEHOLD. This is a great house.

188 E Center St, Heber City, Utah, 2

This home was remodeled properly.
188 E Center St, Heber City, Utah, 7

Fixtures, flooring, trim, everything is updated but has a vintage feel.
188 E Center St, Heber City, Utah, 4

The classically styled furniture isn’t critical but certainly doesn’t hurt.
188 E Center St, Heber City, Utah, 6

Historic homes are special. They have a soul. They have a spirit. And they need stewards who will protect them. And when you walk in a house like this that has been properly cared for and carefully updated, you can feel it.

It feels happy.

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