Tips to Help Your #Hustle: Stephen Colbert’s Great Advice

As part of my continuing series, “Tips to Help Your #Hustle,” here is another quick tip to help dominate in your working life. The sooner you conquer your career the sooner you can be free to start living the life you’ve worked so hard for. For me, that life happens up high in the mountains of Park City, Utah.

Another great site I like to follow is Loads of great articles on all manner of business items, and all written with a decent sense of humor. Stephen Colbert started his reign as the new Late Show host last week, and Inc ran a timely article quoting some of the splendid advice Colbert has dished out in his life.


Remember, no matter happened last week, you are only as good as your last deal. Dig deep. Find solutions. Offer before you are asked. Get the job done better than anybody else can. Happy Monday. Game on.

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