Don’t Hijack Your Own To-Do

After an hour of sales news, company updates, and an inspriational kick-in-the-pants broker moment I leave my Monday morning sales meeting with a head buzzing with ideas and a fire in the belly will to get out there and Hustle Harder.

Stay on target, Gold Leader.

Getting fired up with amazing new ideas is a good thing. However, I suggest that you take 30 minutes to develop these inspirations and write them down. Then, go back to your original “To Do” list for the day and get those items done. (Obviously if something is now irrelevant then get rid of it.) Think of it as a brief marinating period whereby you knock out your current tasks before taking on new ones.


This brief period will allow your amazing ideas to grow a little, mature a little, and be just a little bit better. I’m not talking about weeks or even days! I’m talking about a few hours where you get your old boring stuff done so you don’t have it cluttering up the creative process. Once you’ve crossed that stuff out (and I bet you’ll be moving at a newly invigorated pace), you will be free and unencumbered to consider your new concepts with all the brainpower and imagination your gamechanging ideas deserve.

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