6 Eagle Ct: Ski house video walkthrough

This is a walkthrough video of an excellent house in the American Flag subdivision of Deer Valley, in Park City, Utah. Tremendous views, very comfortable as-is or good potential for a remodel.

This home is listed by colleagues of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, but I’d love to represent you as a buyer! As long as this house is listed, the details can be found here: http://kristinawatkins.summitsothebysrealty.com/eng/sales/detail/280-l-916-kcg67x/american-flag-home-with-sweeping-views-park-city-ut-84060

Hot buys and Coming to Market: 1/16/17

Two condos have hit the market this week in Old Town and they won’t be around for long.

1482 Empire Ave 103 is Edelweiss Haus, right across the street from the base area at Park City Resort.

1509 Park Ave is one block away from the base area.

Both would make excellent nightly or long-term rental options, both have amazing access to skiing, both are on the bus route, and both will be gone soon.


Click here for the full MLS details and photos.

Also, three new listings will be coming up from my Summit Sotheby’s associates:

A Cove condo in Park Meadows, coming online at $1,125,000
A Deer Crest house coming online at $8.25M
An Aspen Springs house coming online at $2.795M

Closed! Holiday Ranch Loop Rd

Congratulations to my and Mary Ciminelli’s client on the purchase of their Park City home! We had to move fast on this 4-bd, 2-ba house in Park Meadows but now they have a sweet mountain home minutes from the ski resorts and Old Town. Hooray!


Goldener Hirsch Hotel and Residences, pt IV

More news on the Goldener Hirsch expansion. This is the first release of the official sales brochure, and it comes with the disclaimer that floorplans, etc. are still being tweaked:


Expecting the reservation process to begin late February 2017.

There will be updates as we move along, and more information is due to be released this month. As usual, you’ll be the first to know when it does!

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Listing with Summit Sotheby’s International Realty

Though I will never diminish the magic that I bring to the party, the strength of my brand is vast. And in a world where the first showing of your home is online, the greater access I can provide to qualified people and distinctive properties the better. When you list with Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, you get a true international brand that can offer you the best exposure, online, in print, worldwide.

View our Property Selling Services brochure below to learn about our many competitive advantages.

Goldener Hirsch Hotel and Residences, pt III

Please note: this project is still very much in the planning stages. Information herein is not guaranteed.

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As we get closer to 2017 we are getting closer to official information about the new condominiums slated for construction as part of the Goldener Hirsch Inn expansion in Silver Lake at Deer Valley Resort. It’s been months of discussions about density and commercial square footage and codes and master plans.

However, we are starting to get more information trickling out. As you can see above, the actual lots that will be developed are still being used as parking for Deer Valley Resort. Preliminary–and I do mean preliminary–information is on the Goldener Hirsch’s website (scroll down to “Coming Soon”).


Sales reservations beginning Winter 2017
Construction planned to start Spring 2017
Completion planned for Winter 2019

Here are the points from the latest press release:

38 New Contemporary Residences
Modern Architecture blended with Sophisticated Design
Studio to Three Bedrooms with Lock-Offs
Approx. 570 – 2,379 Square Feet
Fully Furnished & Impeccably Appointed
Sky Bridge Connection to Inn
Located in the Center of Silver Lake Village

Front Lobby with Check-in, Valet & Concierge
Lobby Lounge & Outdoor Patio with Firepits
Rooftop Pool & Hot Tub with Stunning Views
Fitness Center adjacent to Rooftop Pool
Ski/Boot Locker Room with Aprés-Ski Lounge
Goldener Hirsch Restaurant & Bar
Conference Center
Underground Parking

Since the January Planning Commission meeting was where the main meat and potatoes of this proposal emerged, I have pulled out some particularly interesting pages from that packet:

Artist renderings
Site maps
Floorplan examples
Square footage schedule

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Please note: this project is still very much in the planning stages. Information herein is not guaranteed.

Halloween, 2016

Every Halloween, the same.

The costumed crowd begins to form.

Pulsing, pushing, the swarm overtakes the street.


The animals, adorned and incentivized.


The humans, well-accessorized.


As dusk settles, a weariness takes hold.

Uphill they trudge with their prizes.

Towards home.

Oh, Halloween

Presuming you’re not so dim as to choose a racist costume or to go running around terrorizing people with a chainsaw (“This is Miami, he has a gun”) there is nothing not to love about Halloween. The weather is usually beautiful, the last of the leaves are about to fall, and everything is properly autumn. Soups because we’ve waited all winter. I made beef stew Saturday and pot roast yesterday and there’s not a meat in my fridge I won’t hesitate to braise because it’s finally cold overnight. We’re wearing sweaters again! Of course we have to take them off by noon but no one cares because there is a Tim Burton movie to watch when we get home.

I don’t think there’s a town in Utah that celebrates Halloween quite like Park City. Oh I know there are the pay-$20-get-lunged-at haunted houses throughout the valley, and the theme park Lagoon stays open late and has ghouls running around, and if I weren’t so old and tired I might venture over to some dance club or local theatre with my bag of toast, spray bottle, and lighter for a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Just kidding, you can’t bring your own anymore. In my day you brought your own toast.)

Here in Park City, Main Street shuts down for the afternoon so that entire costumed families can show off their holiday spirit. We call it “Howl-o-ween” because there is a “dog parade” but really it’s just bedlam, but just the sort of bedlam you know Park City can guarantee

Halloween in Park City 2014


Seeing more than one legit Chewbacca costume isn’t unusual. Despite prohibitive laws, there are open containers a-plenty.

Halloween in Park City 2014


All the bars and restaurants are participating in some way. Someone is usually playing spooky music and once they tried to stage a Thriller flash mob but everyone had been drinking and nobody knew the steps anyways. Typical.

It’s also the last big holiday before we get buried in snow, so many people decorate their houses for the event. Assuming we didn’t get a freak storm of course, which is always possible. My favorite street for this is Daly Ave. You’re in Old Town, so the houses are old and spooky anyways, plus they’re close together and you get a lot of bang for your walking buck. And the kids luck out as well; they can trick-or-treat on Main at all the shops plus they can trick-or-treat the houses once it gets dark.

This is the time of year when chilly stuff is fun and optional, and the only big stress is when to turn the sprinklers off for the season and if you bought enough fun-size candy to not give out. No family ordeals, no pressure for big meals or parties or events.

Just black clothes, candy, and Christopher Lee reading “The Raven”. My kind of holiday.

*Featured photo taken by our rockstar photographers at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty. Then entire tour for that year’s parade can be seen here.

Timber Madness at 1403 Eagle Way

If you’ve ever watched Barnwood Builders you get the drift; somebody acquires an ancient barn or log home, they deconstruct it, then re-construct it either into the same shape structure or a modified structure. But the point is to save a building that has been let go far too long. It’s actually a beautiful way to repurpose what might be a condemned structure. And that is the story of 1403 Eagle Way, listed by a colleague of mine at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty. You can view the virtual tour here, and as you’ll see in the drone shots at the beginning, the views are fantastic, and here is the full listing report.

The story continues: apparently the dramatic timbers repurposed here are from an Essex grain barn, built in the 17th Century.

And they are MAGNIFICENT.


Now, you know how important good ceilings are to me. And this? Good ceiling. Very good ceiling.


The timber and brick usage above the stove! Oh, my heart.


This is the upstairs loft area, and it is a perfectly lovely place to write or knit or plan your next Game of Thrones-style betrayal.


And everywhere in the home they have preserved the gorgeous joinery. In their time, these joints were built for function, and made to last for 400 years or more. What we might dismiss as only an aesthetic choice today was simply a beautiful and elegant solution to a problem back then.


This is a special house.


One that needs to be preserved, loved. Respected. This home needs a special owner. One that will appreciate the big details, like the massive timbers.


And the little details, like the cast iron door pulls.


And lovely latches.

Portions of the house aren’t timber-accented, including the downstairs level. However there is an interesting wood feature here: the floor of the bar. Look closely.


Look MORE closely.


It’s an end grain wood block floor! I can’t think of another house in Park City with this type of flooring. Also known here in the US as Nicolson pavement, its origins are unknown, but surely trace back hundreds and hundreds of years. Wood was easier to work with and easier to obtain than rock for a very long time, so it was quite popular as street pavement until less slippery, less creosote-soaked, more durable stone-based paving became more available. It was also used on interiors, even into the 1970s Chrysler used it on some of their factory floors because it was easy on the feet and the equipment, easy to repair, and because it was indoors, didn’t rot or need to be sealed as often. Plus it’s beautiful.


This house is not gimmicky. But it is a home with impact. The location is good, the views are excellent, and the interior is lovely, memorable, and worth preserving.